"Ahhh! Look who’s a lucky mummy again, Mmicus! I’m so proud of you~" With a chuckle, Antonio removes the pokemon egg from his Ditto’s side, the weight of it burdening him a little on his way to the front desk. "Though you really should stay out of the play centre… you know that the customers don’t like it when you run around with their pokemon so much…" He sighed, looking down at the blob pokemon that was now studying the floor with the expression of a guilty puppy. "Still… you do make things interesting…"

He picked up the Pokegear and rang the poor customer. 



Well, with your fashion sense it wouldn’t make much of a difference, Antonio. 

How’ve you been? Just out of curiousity.

Since when did you care what I wore anyway, hmmm? Try not to show your soft side too often, si?

I have been doing well. Out of curiosity how is it you have been doing?

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Ah~ It’s nice now that the weather has finally cooled a little. I can wear lazy clothes again now.


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Ya okay there, Toni?



Arthur hates old jokes like that during sexbut Isabel loves to see him embarassed.

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Though Arthur may have shattered Antonio’s trust once a long time ago, he’s possibly the most trustworthy person that Antonio knows now. This is probably due to Antonio knowing what to expect from him now, rather than putting his trust in Arthur to do the right thing, or the honest thing, Antonio has learnt to trust Arthur to do what benefits himself before anything else. And for that reason Antonio is no longer suprised by Arthur.

thathungariangirl said: [TEXT] Hey Antonio! How are you doing?? We need a catch up sometime! -Liz xx

Pleased by the sweet message he promptly responds in the middle of an interview with his boss.

[Text} Hola! Things are great! We’re reviewing the season’s economy. How does coffee sound? I need a weekend away, I’d love to visit that heated lake of yours again! xxx


The equivalent to a chav in Spain is a cani.

Ah~ Another bambino! It’s good to see you’re all still alive haha!